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15 Maid Cleaning Myths Debunked

15 Maid Cleaning Myths You Must Know

Maid cleaning services have long been a part of the culture of many households for a long time. You may remember as a child, your mother hiring a maid to perform a motley of household duties to keep your home looking and smelling fresh. The maid or maids would dust, vacuum, scrub and wash floors. They may also have folded laundry, ironed your clothes, changed the linen on the beds. As maid culture has grown to be a part everyday culture, now we can debunk some of the common maid cleaning myths. 

Finding a maid now-a-days is quite simple. Most people will visit the internet to find a trusted maid or housekeeper. Others may ask a trusted friend or family member for a referral. Utilizing a maid service is great because really, who wants to do the dirty work? The question that many people may have is, are maids really any better at cleaning than regular people?

  • Myth: All Maids are the Same

Not all cleaner(s) have the same amount of experience. Depending on your specific cleaning needs, you may consider an independent cleaner or a cleaning company to care for your home. Prior to hire, ask a list of specified questions to make sure the person or cleaning company entering your home is qualified to do the work needed. 

  •  Myth: Stealing is Common

Unfortunately, there is a common misconception that maids are thieves. Hiring a trusted cleaning company to enter your home is very important. Prior to hiring, ask the cleaning company if they are bonded and insured. If a cleaning company truly values you and your home, they will be bonded and insured. 

  •  Myth: Maids Are Not Punctual 

Punctuality is important. Your time is valuable. Check policies regarding arrival time periods to make sure you are hiring a maid cleaning service that aligns with your schedule. 

  •  Myth: Maids and Housekeepers Are the Same

Maids and housekeepers are not the same. Maids perform a different set of duties than housekeepers. Depending on the size of your home, you may need either a maid service or a housekeeper. 

Here is a great article on the difference between a housekeeper and a maid:

The Differences Between Maids vs Housekeepers — Pro Housekeepers

  •  Myth: Maids Are Professional Organizers

Not all maid services offer professional organization. If you are seeking organizational needs for your home specifically, check with the cleaning company to make sure this service is offered. 

Now that hiring a maid is convenient, the next question is, how cost-effective are maid services? There are independent cleaner(s) and there are maid cleaning companies. Depending on the nature of what you are seeking, cost may vary. Let’s discuss a few common myths associated with maid cleaning cost. 

  •  Myth: All Cleaning Duties such as Laundry/Folding are Included in Cleaning Duties 

Every cleaning company is different. Many cleaning companies have extras. Extras may include window washing, cleaning inside of the oven or fridge. In order to best understand what is included in each package, either review the cleaning checklist online or ask to receive the cleaning checklist. 

  •   Myth: Maid Cleaning Services are Expensive

Maid cleaning services are more affordable than ever! Most cleaning companies offer discounts on recurring services for biweekly, weekly and monthly services. 

  •   Myth: Maid Cleaning Services are Cheap

On the contrary, people who may have never used a maid cleaning service may think that maid cleaning services are cheap. The best way to understand fair pricing in your area, is to request quote information from a couple of different companies in the area. 

  •     Myth: Maid Cleaning Prices are the Same Annually 

It is common to experience a price adjustment at least once annually. 

  •     Myth: Cancellation Fees

Depending on the maid service company you utilize, then they may or may not be a cancellation policy in place for cancelled maid services. It is always best to check and understand the cancellation policy first. 

What Really Happens When You Hire a Maid

Now you have done ample research, and have settled on a maid cleaning company, what happens next? Let’s address a few myths associated with the variant types of cleaning.

  • Myth: Deep Cleaning and Standard Cleaning Are The Same

Deep Cleaning and standard cleaning are not the same. Deep cleaning covers details such as baseboards or high touch areas. Standard cleaning typically does not cover baseboards.

  • Myth: Different Maids Will Be Assigned to Your Home

Most maid cleaning companies understand the frustration of having different people in your home. To value your safety first, it is likely that the same maids will clean your home consistently.

  • Myth: All Maid Services Utilize the Same Products

Not all maid services utilize the same products. If you are seeking eco-friendly products, then you may ask if the cleaning company you are interviewing offers that service.

  • Myth: You Must Sign A Contract

Not all maid cleaning companies require yearly contracts. Several cleaning companies offer month to month services without a contract in place.

  • Myth: There is No Satisfaction Guarantee

It is common for professional cleaning companies to carry a satisfaction guarantee or policy to honor you as a customer. 

Now, that we have addressed some of the common maid cleaning myths, you may feel more comfortable hiring a maid to clean your home. Maid cleaning companies are here to help you save your time so that you can spend more time doing the activities which bring you happiness! 


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