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8 Tips for Cleaning Ceiling Fans

Cleaning ceiling fans can be a daunting task. Ceiling fans are often overlooked, and by the time you have looked up there is an excessive amount of dust built on your ceiling fans. All the excessive dust and build up not only looks gross, but it affects the air quality of your home. Time slips past all of us, with life being so busy all the time. Neat N Tidy professionals will share today 8 tips to clean ceiling fans in your home like a pro! 

Prepare Room Area

Cleaning cleaning fans can be a messy process. Narrow down where the dust particles fall, by placing a drop cloth or sheet on the workspace area under the fan. You will thank yourself later for doing this step first. 

Turn Off Fan

Being hit with a ceiling fan, would not feel so great. First, to prepare to clean the ceiling fan, shut off the fan. As you shut off the fan, take note of the direction in which the blades are moving. If you are in the winter season, you want the ceiling fan blades to move in a clock-wise direction. The reason is clock-wise blade rotations will warm the room. In the summer, or warmer seasons you will need to make sure the blades are moving in a counter-clock wise direction to cool the room. 

Grab a Ladder or Step-Ladder

Depending on the height of the ceiling fan, you will need either a ladder or a step-ladder. Position the ladder or step-ladder in a stable position slightly adjacent to the ceiling fan. 

If you do not have a ladder or step-ladder you may try an extendible duster. An extendible duster will mostly receive all dust particles and debris from your ceiling fans. 

Old Pillowcase Method

Eliminate dust falling everywhere and excessive clean up by using an old pillowcase to cover the dusty ceiling fan blades. This will make your cleaning process so much more neat and tidy

  • Pillowcase: Slowly cover the blades with an old pillowcase. Once the blades are completely covered, wipe the entire ceiling fan (sides, etc). Now that you have finished wiping the ceiling fan, slowly pull back your hand to remove the pillowcase. Repeat this process with a pillowcase for each blade. 
  • Next, once you are finished, you can empty the pillowcase and shake into a large trash bag or you can shake out the pillowcase outside your home. After emptying the pillowcase, immediately throw the pillowcases into the washer.

Clean Heavy Build Up on Ceiling Fans

If there is heavy build up, then your ceiling fan will require more attention. You can do the pillowcase method or extendible duster, but heavy build up will require a little elbow grease. 

  • How to clean heavy build up on ceiling fan blades: First, to protect yourself from dust particles, please wear a mask and hair protector. Second, wipe the blades down with an all purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth. 
  • Next, prepare a solution of a few drops of dish detergent either in a spray bottle or bowl. Use a microfiber cloth and the solution to wipe the ceiling fan clean. 

Details Matter

There is nothing more rewarding than a clean ceiling fan and improved air quality in your home as a result of your hard work. Before wrapping up your ceiling fan completion task, make sure that areas of the ceiling fan have been clean. This may include removing the light bulbs and soaking/scrubbing the glass or cleaning the ceiling fan sides of the blades. 

  • If you have a ceiling fan with glass that holds the bulb, you can easily unscrew the glass pieces and allow them to soak in a solution in your sink or a bowl, while you are cleaning your ceiling fan. After the cleaning process, make sure to allow proper dry time before reinstallation. 
  • Cleaning the sides of a ceiling fan creates a full and complete look. Make sure to completely wipe the sides of the ceiling fan with the microfiber cloth and dish detergent solution to remove all dust particles. You may also utilize disinfecting wipes to clean the sides as well. 

Change Light Bulbs

If the bulb is flickering or has gone out, replace the bulb after the ceiling fan is completely dry. This is also a great time to consider replacing your bulbs with energy saving bulbs. Here are a few benefits to energy saving light bulbs: 


  • Cost effective 
  • Energy saving light bulbs last longer
  • Do not need to replace as often

Pull Chain Clean Up 

Lastly, clean the pull chain and the motor of the ceiling fan with a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution. Now, the task is finally complete, and you should give yourself a pat on the shoulder. Great job, those ceiling fans are now sparkling and clean ! 

No Time to Clean 

If you are a busy working professional or have other obligations, you may not have time to clean your ceiling fans. Ceiling fans are normally included in a deep cleaning service package. You may consider having a deep clean performed for your home by a local cleaning company in your area. 

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