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A Clean Home Is Key to Happiness

Your environment plays a significant role in the way you feel on a daily basis. Often, we project our emotions on the world around us, so if you’re starting to neglect your home and becoming more messy than usual, this could be down to your mental health. Feeling stressed out and frustrated can cause people to either clean away their troubles or to ignore the build-up of clutter around them. This is where we come in! At Neat N Tidy, we help get you back on track when it comes to cleaning. Take advantage of our home cleaning Indianapolis services and take back control of your home. As a highly experienced cleaning company in Indianapolis, we help our customers achieve mental clarity by improving their environment and cleaning their homes. Let’s first take a look at the connection between cleanliness and happiness.

Cleanliness, Productivity & Health

Due to the global pandemic, many American professionals are now working from home. Being able to work remotely certainly has its advantages, but your home can quickly become cluttered, messy and impact your productivity. There is a clear link between mental health and being organized and clean. A study from Indiana University found that people who clean houses are far healthier than those with a messy home. (1) By organizing and de-cluttering your house, and moving towards a more minimalist lifestyle, you can transform your own mental health and become more aware of how your environment affects the way you feel. Often those who find themselves procrastinating, rather than getting their work done from home, are surrounded by mess and distractions.

Although, this can’t always be helped. We all live in a fast-paced digital world and sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to conduct a deep clean of your bathroom suite, organize your kitchen cupboards, or wash your windows. Yet, with the constant concerns surrounding the ongoing pandemic, being clean has never seemed more important in life. So, to experience a dust-free, clean and organized home that will empower you rather than bring you down and distract you, feel free to reach out to our team and book our house cleaning services Indianapolis in.

Not only will a clean space help you to think straight, but being organized will also promote positive energy and give you space to breathe. Many people find that mess and clutter in their home can trigger anxiety and stress. Combine this with working from home and balancing family life during a global pandemic and things can start to get on top of you. Instead of worrying about the laundry, kitchen and making the beds, contact our cleaning company in Indianapolis.

House Cleaning Services in Indianapolis

Whether you need a house cleaning services in Indianapolis that you can rely on to deep clean your home and enhance your living space, or you have a number of properties in Indianapolis that need to be cleaned ready for new tenants, we can help. At Neat N Tidy, we specialize in residential and office cleaning in and around Indianapolis. Book our professional house cleaning services online in less than 60 seconds and let our cleaning services in Indianapolis help make your home a calm, relaxing and productive place to be.

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