Deep Cleaning Services in Indianapolis

Deep Cleaning Services in Indianapolis with Neat N Tidy

Caring for Seniors in our Community 

According to, “ The number of people 65 and older in the United States is expected to increase to 55 million in 2020”. The number of seniors in the United States is increasing daily. During these times, families are seeking how to best care for their loved ones. After many difficult decisions, a family member may realize that their loved one is unable to perform cleanings as they used too. Mom or Dad may not be able to push the vacuum or bend to clean the baseboards. Along with a variety of cleanings, Neat N Tidy offers deep cleaning services in Indianapolis for your loved ones. Neat N Tidy is here to service your family in those transitional stages of life by servicing seniors in Indianapolis and surrounding cities.

Cleaning Services in Indianapolis to Service Our Senior Community

  • Deep Cleaning Services In Indianapolis: If you or your loved one has not had professional cleaning services, we recommend to start with a deep cleaning service. An initial deep clean is great way to get all the dust and kinks out the way.
  • Recurring Cleaning Services: Help your loved one to relax and worry less with a biweekly, weekly, or monthly cleaning service with Neat N Tidy. We care about your family and loved ones individually, and commit to making a customized plan for your family member to suit their individual needs. During the recurring services, expect to receive a thorough cleaning of the home that includes dusting, vacuuming, trash removal, disinfectant cleaning, making beds and more.
  • Move-in/out Cleaning Services: Does your loved one need help moving in or out of their home or apartment? Similar to a deep cleaning service in Indianapolis with Neat N Tidy, during a move-in/out clean, you can a detailed and thorough clean of the home or apartment. 
  • One-time Cleaning Services: Is there a special event approaching on your calendar or a Holiday? No worries. Neat N Tidy will help make this event or Holiday even more joyous with our detailed cleaning skills.
  • Organizational Cleaning Services: Does your loved one have a closet space or area in their home that needs decluttered and organized? It is best to choose a seasoned professional to assist your loved one with these tasks. Neat N Tidy offers organizational cleaning services in Indianapolis, Indiana and surrounding cities. 

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Residential Cleaning Service 

When deciding to choose a cleaning service provider in Indianapolis for your loved one, you may have so many questions. How can you choose a cleaning company that you trust? Below are a few questions you should ask prior to hiring a cleaning service provider in your area.

  • Do you have insurance and bonding?

    This is the first and most important to ask any cleaning company prior to confirming a cleaning appointment. Insurance covers and any potential breakage of an item in your home. Bonding covers any sort of theft and item misplacement in your home. Of course a cleaning service that does not offer insurance or bonding may be lower cost, however, why chance it? What will happen if your loved one’s newly installed flooring is ruined? Or your loved one’s antique dishes that were a family heirloom were ruined? Neat N Tidy commits to valuing your loved one by carrying both insurance and bonding. Even if you do not choose us, choose a company that values you and your loved one’s by carrying both insurance and bonding.

  • What areas or cities does your cleaning company service?

    You want to choose a cleaning service provider that is not far from your loved one.

  • Are your employee’s background checked?

    Unfortunately, there are many cleaners who do housekeeping services due to a lengthy background, that makes it difficult for them to obtain other employment. However, in regards to your loved ones, you want to insure that they are around individuals who are background checked.

  • Who provides the cleaning materials?

    Different cleaning companies offer an array of cleaning service packages. You want to be sure to select a company that honors your true values for your loved one. Is your loved one  into recycling or always being an eco-friendly individual? You want to ask the cleaning company if they offer an eco-friendly cleaning service package. Does your loved one prefer certain products for their wood floors? Ask the cleaning service provider, what do they use to clean wood flooring. Rest assured, with Neat N Tidy, we take the hassle out of the cleaning by providing the cleaning products for your loved ones.

  • Will I have the same cleaner or cleaner(s) in my home?

    This is a great question  because you want to choose a company with great retention for their cleaners. If there is high-turnover in the company, then this makes it difficult for you to trust that your loved one’s home will be cared for properly. Also, keeping the same cleaner or team in your loved one’s home will help them to build a great relationship.

  • What happens if my loved one or myself is not satisfied with the cleaning?

We get it, humans make mistakes. If there was an area missed in the cleaning, the cleaning service provider                   should come back to correct the problem, right?  Neat N Tidy offers 100% satisfaction guarantee to our clients.             You can read more here:

 The Result: Confidence with Your Cleaning Service Provider Choice 

Neat N Tidy has different cleaning service options to cater to your loved one’s unique needs. We offer deep cleaning services in Indianapolis, recurring cleaning services, move-in/out cleaning services and one-time cleaning services. 

Neat N Tidy is the cleaning company that is there for those monumental moments in your loved one’s lives, fulfilling cleaning needs and creating healthy and happy environments for happy families.

Do you have any questions or would like more information on how we can help your loved one? Call 317-855-9947 for a no obligation quote on how can serve your loved one. 

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