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Electrostatic Cleaning| What You Need to Know

What is Electrostatic Cleaning?

Let’s clear the air. We have been hearing this term a lot and many of you may wonder, what is electrostatic cleaning? How is it different from a standard fogging service? Is electrostatic cleaning a disinfecting service? What is not included in electrostatic cleaning? These are all questions Neat N Tidy cleaning professionals will answer for you today.

Electrostatic Cleaning Basics

When one refers to electrostatic cleaning, they are referring to an electrostatic disinfecting service. With electrostatic cleaning, no manual sort of cleaning is performed. The cleaning team will simply utilize the electrostatic cleaner to spray the area which needs disinfecting.

How is Electrostatic Cleaning Different from Fogging?

Fogging simply mist the solution into the air and release droplets of the solution in the designated areas. The fogging does not guarantee that the areas that receive bacteria will be disinfected properly. Also, a traditional handing wiping disinfecting may be considered. This too is not a great option, because there is not guarantee all areas in a residential home or office will be covered properly. The best option is electrostatic cleaning with an electrostatic sprayer. Electrostatic sprayers release charged droplets that reach all areas of disinfection, including areas in crevices or hard to reach areas.

What are the Benefits of Electrostatic Cleaning?

Electrostatic cleaning allows for a large area of surfaces to be disinfected in a short period of time. Sure, disinfection is a multi-step process, however; electrostatic disinfecting services provide great results in half the time. Logically, for a large area such as a commercial office setting, wiping down areas with in depth detail would be very time consuming.

In addition, there may be high touch areas that have bacteria build up on the surfaces such as keyboards or phones. Disinfecting cleaning is great for preventative maintenance and suitable for office and residential spaces that have been exposed to Covid-19.

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Questions regarding electrostatic cleaning

Here are a few questions and answers to concerns you may have regard electrostatic cleaning services:

  • What solution do you utilize for the disinfectant process and electrostatic cleaning process?

We utilize Vital Oxide, which is an EPA approved. Vital Oxide has proven to kill more than 99.99% germs and viruses.

Please read more here: Vital Oxide and SARS-CoV2

  • Is the solution safe for animals in my home?

Yes, your animals are completely safe to walk on the floor after an electrostatic cleaning is performed.

  • Can my family be home during this process?

Yes, your family can be home during the process, and no one will be harmed. Vital oxide is completely safe and nonharmful.

  • How often should electrostatic cleaning service be conducted?

This depends on the home or facility. Office settings may opt to include electrostatic spraying in their routine service package as a preventative measure. Residential home owners and those who reside in residential spaces may need if there is a positive Covid-19 case or if they have been in contact with an individual who has tested positive for Covid-19.

  • How long will the solution last?

The solution will last according to the chemical dwell time. If the area(s) are reinfected, then you may need to consider another electrostatic cleaning.

  • Where can I find more information regarding electrostatic cleaning regarding Coronavirus?

The CDC offers disinfectant guidelines, as well as information on electrostatic cleaning.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

If you are needing an electrostatic cleaning service, consider Neat N Tidy to electrostatic cleaning services for your home or office. You can book online for this sort of service or call directly via phone at 317-855-9947.

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