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House Cleaning Habits of Neat and Clean People

House Cleaning Habits of Neat People

House cleaning can be either therapeutic of a daunting task. We all know that friend or family member whose home is always immaculate. When you arrive at their home unexpectedly, no matter what time of the day, their home is clean. You may notice how they upkeep their home consistently, as it is so relaxing to be in a clean environment. Neat N Tidy has a few tips to share regarding cleaning habits of neat people, that may help you achieve a neat and spotless home. 

Have A Vision 

Visualize how you would love your home to look. After all, it is hard to have an action plan without a  goal in mind. Are you wanting your home to feel more spacious? Are you wanting a more eco-friendly environment? Do you want a specific area to have a centered theme? Jot down 5 quick goals for the cleanliness of your home. 



Visualization is a major role in goal-setting.



Make Your Bed 

Start with the basics. Make your bed. Interestingly enough, if you had a very neat n tidy friend or family member, making beds will surely be on their list. Making the bed sets intent and purpose for your day. There is nothing more relaxing than to see an organized and neat bed. Even if the other areas of the room require cleaning, having a neat bed will make the room appear more organized and clean. Also, if you are a parent making the bed helps teach children structure. 

Organize Your Living Room 



There are so many cute ottomans and storage containers that help you to stay organized while adding decor to the room. If you reside in Indianapolis you may try the Container Store for options. Developing habits of neat n tidy individuals, means your motto has to be : “Every item has a home”. Have a home for decorative blankets and pillows that are no longer in season. Have a home for excessive toys that may be stored in the living room. This can be a fun process.

Laundry Time 

We all have had the moment where we look at the laundry pile and dread doing laundry because it has piled up. To avoid this, have a laundry schedule. For example, you may do laundry on Monday and Wednesday for clothes and Friday for bed linen. If you have a larger family with multiple children, then the schedule for laundry may be a daily habit. 

You may do 2 loads of laundry per day to achieve your goal. If completing laundry feels overwhelming, consider outsourcing laundry to a reputable house cleaning service nearby, such as Neat N Tidy. 


Check the Fridge

Set a date to check the fridge. If there is left over food, rid the fridge of the old food. If there are spills of any sort, clean the fridge of those spills. Although tedious, schedule a time in the calendar weekly to perform this task. You will surely love the results.


Tidy Up the Kitchen 

A quick tip to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen is to clean while you cook. Keep a disinfectant cleaner for surface areas, and utilize stove-top cleaner for the stove. In addition, if you have any stainless steel polish with a stainless steel polisher. With a daily routine, this task should take max 10-15 minutes every night. 

Declutter Weekly

Have you ever had a stockpile of mail or items gather in one area of your home? To be a neat individual, one must declutter their space on a consistent basis. Shred unimportant papers, organize items and put away clothes that are clean. If there is excess of items not needed, consider donating to a local service such as The Salvation Army or Goodwill or even a local church. Your unwanted items may be a treasure to another person or family. 


Consistently Breeds Results 

Consistency with a great action plan will help you to achieve the goal of being a more neat person. Have a set schedule for various cleaning tasks on specific days to be able to achieve cleaning tasks weekly. Most of the tasks listed today should only take 10-15 minutes to perform. 

Hire a House Cleaning Service in Indianapolis 

Time is our most valuable asset. Between work, family and other events, it may be difficult to maintain the cleanliness of your home. Neat N Tidy is here to help by offering an array of different service packages to cater to your individual house cleaning needs. Neat N Tidy offers weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and one-time cleans to help you maintain the cleaning needs of your home. Get in touch today to see how we can best service you. 

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