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How to Shine Your Stainless Steel Appliances in 4 Steps

There is nothing better than a new dishwasher, refrigerator or an oven with a pristine stainless steel. The stainless steel gleams and is eye-capturing. Over time as you cook or use the appliances you will see fingerprints prints on the stainless steel, which make it appear less sexy. In this guide, Neat N Tidy will show you how to shine your stainless steel appliances in 4 steps. 

How to Clean Stainless Steel Quick and Easy

There are many options when it comes to cleaning stainless steel. Stainless steel is fairly easy to clean, so that is great. There are also options such as stainless steel wipes or a mineral oil brand. 


  1. You will need dish detergent, microfiber cloth and a bucket of water to start. Take a teaspoon of dish liquid and a bucket of hot water and mix. Dip the microfiber cloth and ring out so that it is only damp slightly. Next, proceed to spot clean large areas that are more noticeable on the stainless steel appliances. Go over again with a dry cloth. 
  2. Second, you will need a stainless steel oil cleaner. Follow the directions on the back of the container and use a microfiber cloth to buff to make sure all areas of the appliance are smooth. 
  3. Lastly, if you need to complete the “shine” look to make sure the area looks smooth and shiny, use a little Windex. Make sure to clean in a circular motion, as this is great for going over areas in which there are blemishes. 
  4. Your stainless steel should look immaculate at this point. If you do not have time to clean, consider hiring a cleaning service company to get your stainless steel and home immaculate! 


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