Cleaning services in Indianapolis

Cleaning Services in Indianapolis with Neat N Tidy

Cleaning and Housekeeping companies must be trusted and reliable

If you want to make your home a better place to live, a trusted and reliable cleaning service provider is essential. You need to sign up for an effective house cleaning service at an affordable price. The decision to rent a house cleaning service is a personal decision and has its strengths and weaknesses. On the one hand, you may not want to bring a stranger into your home. On the other hand, Neat N Tidy provides cleaning services in Indianapolis that will save your time and energy, so that you may enjoy your time doing what you love.

Different rooms require a different cleaning method. For the kitchen, you may need a deep clean of the fridge. You may also need to remove food and grease stains. Therefore, it must be cleaned and disinfected. Other items that can be cleaned with them include tables and chairs, baseboards, stoves, counter appliances, refrigerators (indoor and outdoor), microwave ovens, hard surfaces, drip pans, etc. Removing cobwebs, removing debris, cleaning marks of windows, cabinets and drawers can help keep the kitchen clean and give you the feeling of cooking some unique dishes.

In your bedroom and living area, you need to remove the spider webs to keep the room neat and tidy to get a fresh appearance. Remove dust from furniture, curious objects, and vacuum hard surfaces (including stairs). In the bathroom, window frames, clean joints and tiles, baseboards, sinks, countertops, remove cobwebs, etc. In short, they thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the bathroom.

Neat N Tidy Cleaning Services in Indianapolis

Neat N Tidy cleaning services offers variant professional cleaning services to address your specific cleaning needs. Have you had a professional clean within the last 3 months? If not, you should try our deep cleaning services in Indianapolis and surrounding cities that will not only provide exceed your expectations, but that will also leave your home smiling. After all, your happiness is our number one priority.  In addition we are able to provide an array of cleaning services that may address your specific need. We specialize in the following services:

  • Maid cleaning: You work hard during the week, so you should relax on weekends. Neat N Tidy recognizes that and can give you the flexibility to live the lifestyle you want and deserve.
  • Apartment cleaning: Neat N Tidy offers apartment cleaning services to keep your apartment neat and clean. Our cleaning professionals will clean every space in your apartment with a detailed and sparkling clean.

Advantages of Hiring

Following are the advantages of hiring Neat N Tidy for deep cleaning in Indianapolis:

  • Satisfaction: Neat N Tidy offer satisfactory service at reasonable prices. They strive to establish and maintain long-term relationships with their customers. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to show our commitment.
  • Reliability: Neat N Tidy promises to be reliable and adaptable to your schedule. Our cleaning technicians are trusted in our community. You will feel great knowing that our cleaning technicians value your safety and happiness first.
  • Flexible working hours-Provide professional services whenever you need them. You can reschedule your service reservation for free.
  • Quality chemicals-the chemicals and processes used for a neat finish are very effective. Most chemicals are professional and offer a safe and odorless environment. They also usually receive efficient technical training to ensure that all kinds of processes are done correctly.

Are you ready to book? If so call 317-855-9947 or visit and a representative will be happy to service you.

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