move out cleaning

Move Out Cleaning-The Complete Guide

Move Out Cleaning 

Moving to a new place can be overwhelming. Finding the right move out cleaning service company to help you along with this process will help alleviate the stress of moving to a new home. A professional move out cleaning service will help you prepare your home to look and smell fresh. 

First, pre screening the house cleaning company that you want to hire is important. Are they insured and bonded? Is there a customer satisfaction guarantee? How soon can the company schedule the cleaning appointment? Does the cleaning company provide the cleaning supplies? What is included in a move out cleaning? These are a few questions that need to be addressed prior to hiring the cleaning company. 

Move Out Checklist 

Below is the complete list of what needs to be cleaned for a move out cleaning

  1. Baseboards-The baseboards need to be dusted and cleaned with a light dish soap and water with a fresh rag, or a magic eraser (if white). If you have wood baseboards, then you can request for the cleaning company to use wood shiner for the extra glossy look. 
  2. Cabinets- Inside and outside of cabinets should be cleaned with a multipurpose cleaner. Outside of cabinets should be cleaned as well. 
  3. Bathrooms-Deep cleaning of bathrooms should be completed. The mirrors, baseboards, tubs and showers, shower doors, faucets, etc should be cleaned thoroughly. Also, inside of all drawers should be cleaned thoroughly. 
  4. Light Switches- High touch areas need to be cleaned properly
  5. Ceiling Fans-Ceiling fans should be cleaned properly with a step ladder, water and dish soap. If the cleaning fan is high in the air, then there is an extendable ceiling fan cleaner that can be used to clean and dust the ceiling fan. 
  6. Ceiling Fixtures-Cleaned ceiling fixtures help the home to have a clean and fresh look. 
  7. Vacuuming-Vacuum to remove dust from the floors and carpet
  8. Mopping-Mopping the floors helps to make the floors look neat and clean. 
  9. Dusting-High and low dusting need to be completed during a move out clean to make sure there are no areas of dust or cobwebs in the home. 
  10.  Cleaning of Common Areas
  11. Window Cleaning- Window cleaning help the home to have a pristine look
  12. Oven Cleaning- Inquire if the move out cleaning includes oven cleaning, as this clean may be considered an extra service 
  13. Refrigerator Cleaning- There is nothing better than a clean refrigerator. 

**Be sure to inquire if the cleaning company moves the fridge forward to clean behind. 

Prepare the home

In order to properly prepare for a move out cleaning service, please remove all boxes and trash from the home. Pack and remove all items. Make sure the common areas and spaces are completely vacant. If the cleaning company removes trash, then there is no need for trash removal. 

Additional Repairs and Maintenance

It is a common misconception that solely cleaning can revitalize the entire home. Depending on the condition of the home or apartment, you may need to hire a painting service or have additional maintenance for the home. The best way to address these additional repairs or maintenance concerns is to have a checklist to outline the exact needs of the home. If it is a quick D.I.Y project, then it is best to attempt yourself or if you are not conditional consider finding a professional in that area.

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