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Professional House Cleaning Tipping| Complete Guide

Save Your Time by Hiring a Professional House Cleaning Service

You work hard throughout the week, or you are retired and desire to spend more time with those you love. Hiring a professional house cleaning service can save hours of your time every month, so that you can focus on doing what you love the most. Even when hiring a professional house cleaning company, you may have a few questions. You may ask yourself, how often you should have a cleaning service for your home, or if you should tip. If you do tip, how often is it standard to tip? There has been a ton of confusion on this topic. Neat N Tidy cleaning professionals are offering you a completely free guide today to help you make the best decision in regards to tip or not to tip your home cleaning professional. 

Should You Tip Your House Cleaner?

If you have had a recurring maid service or one-time clean, you may have wondered if you should tip your cleaner. Similarly to other service industries, cleaning professionals do appreciate a tip for services rendered. In regards to cleaning services, tipping mostly depends on the situation. Tipping Policies, the size of the company and the size of your home are all factors to consider when tipping your cleaning professional. 

Independent Cleaners Vs. Agencies

First, consider who is cleaning your home. Have you partner with a larger cleaning company with multiple employees, or are you working with an independent cleaner. The reason to consider this factor is because independent cleaners and agencies adhere to different policies. Independent cleaners are more likely to establish their own rates and less likely to have any loss if you decide not to tip them. Employees that work with an established cleaning company, often do not choose their wage, and therefore may depend on tips to make a complete living wage. Taking this into consideration will help you to determine whether you should tip or not tip your house cleaner. 

Tipping-What are the Policies?

Prior to having an initial service performed, if you decide to go with a larger cleaning company, simply ask the policy regarding tipping or explore their website. Many cleaning companies, such as Neat N Tidy pay their employees a living page, eliminating the pressure for customers to leave tips. On the other hand, some cleaning companies have a policy that prevents customers from tipping house cleaners. You want to understand any sort of policy first, so that you can make the best choice. If you are not sure about the policy-simply ask the cleaning company representative. They will be happy that you asked and may be able to offer guidance and explain what other customers have done in the same sort of situation

Consider the Condition of Your Home

If you are having a professional house cleaning come to your home, if you have not had a clean in a while, then you may consider to leave a tip. If during a recurring maid service, the kitchen is extra messy, then you may consider tipping a little extra. Although you may not be required to tip, it is very courteous and house cleaning professionals do appreciate tips. 

What is the Work Quality?

Prior to tipping, you may consider the quality of work performed. If you explained a cleaning that left you in awe, you may tip. If your house cleaner is consistent in quality of work, you may decide to tip. If their services are subpair and you have to keep getting a reclean, then you may not decide to tip. Regardless of your choice, if great services are rendered you will consider rewarding your house cleaner for their efforts. 

How much and How Often Should I Tip?

You may want to tip your house cleaner, however; you are unsure how often you should tip or how much you should tip. First consider the services you are requesting. Also, you should also consider if you have the same house cleaner or a different house cleaner. Lastly, consider the condition of your home. 

Types of House Cleaning Services 

If you are considering a one-time deep clean, you may decide to tip your house cleaner upon completion of the job. Deep cleans normally require a longer period of time, and may be considered a more laborious job considered on the condition of your home. You may decide to reward your house cleaning for a deep clean. Is it your choice to tip, if you feel that you are completely 100% satisfied with the work performed, you may decide to tip.

Same Cleaner Vs. Different Cleaner

Many cleaning companies do their best to keep the same house cleaners in your home. Periodically, there may be a change of a house cleaner due to your assigned house cleaner being on vacation or possible sick. During this transition, you may wonder should you tip the replacement cleaner or not. As stated previously, is it totally your choice whether you decide to tip in this sort of situation. 

If you have a recurring cleaning service, you may consider leaving a larger tip every month to your house cleaner. If you have a one-time deep clean you may consider leaving a tip. Other special events such as Christmas or Easter may help you to consider leaving a tip for your cleaning professional. Neat N Tidy does not require tips in their tipping policy, however our house cleaners appreciate tips. 

How Much Should You Tip?

Tipping is based on what you would like to give. According to consumer reports, they suggest a tip of 15%-20%. Again, the size and condition of your home are factors to consider. If you asked them to tackle an extra filthy job, then you may consider a high percentage tip for that service. You may also consider the wage the employee is paid. If the employee does not receive a living wage, you may consider tipping on the higher end.

Forms of Payment For Tipping

Thanks to the advancement in technology, tipping your house cleaner is easier than ever. With concerns of Covid-19 and Flu season, you want to leave a no contact tip. Depending on the tipping policies of the company, you may be able to leave a tip via your debit or credit card. You may also desire to leave a cash tip for your house cleaner. Some customers even like to add a personal thank you note and card to their tip to truly show their appreciation. 

Should I Tip Or Not?

Tipping is optional- no independent cleaner nor cleaning company should mandate tipping. With that being said, house cleaners do appreciate tips for their hard work. You may consider tipping your house cleaner depending on the size of the company, employee wage and if you like the quality of work performed. 

The cleaning professionals at Neat N Tidy will never ask for a tip, however; if you receive excellent quality cleaning services you may choose to leave your house cleaner a tip on your bill. 

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