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Do you continually think about how you can differentiate yourself from the competition? Do you want to give your clients a unique housewarming gift that will keep you in their minds months after you’ve sold their home?

Buying your clients, a house cleaning gift from Neat N Tidy  can make you look like a real estate superstar and potentially help close some deals or build relationships that will lead to future referrals. Here are some other benefits:

  • Time Is Precious – Your clients are extremely busy people who probably have little time or might just not like cleaning. But moving into a freshly cleaned house will give your clients a sense of comfort and pride as soon as they enter their new purchase. A properly cleaned house will also increase the chances of a sale and the price paid for the property.
  • Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words – A clean house can make good photos of the home look amazing. So, if you forgo a tremendous clean from a trusted cleaner, don’t be surprised to see pictures that come back with streaky laminate floors and dirty windows.
  • A Great Housewarming Gift – Sure, you can give a bottle of wine as most other realtors do. Or you can provide something that they may find more useful like a gift certificate for a future house cleaning. You’ll find that your clients will be telling their friends about the house cleaning gift they got from their “amazing real estate agent.”
  • Increase the Chances of A Sale – Have you ever come across beautiful homes that look immaculate on the outside but look disastrous on the inside? If you’re selling that person’s home, can you imagine telling them that their place needs a MAJOR cleaning?  So, what you can say instead is, “As a valued client of mine, I’m going to provide you with a great house cleaning on me.” You take a potentially sensitive situation and instead make yourself look like a hero.

Buying a house cleaning service for your client will benefit you in many ways, including helping you sell the home faster and at a higher price. It’s well known that a messy house decreases the number and value of offers. A tremendous clean will add value to your service and is one way you can differentiate yourself from other agents.

Let us handle the dirty work for you. Call 317-855-9947 to book an appointment today, or book via the online booking form.

Bathroom Cleaning

Are you tired of cleaning your bathroom? Need your bathroom to sparkle and shine? Neat N Tidy is at your service. Our cleaning experts will make your bathrooms look and smell fresh. Our cleaning products will have you come home to a smell that you love. Book you initial appointment today.

Kitchen Cleaning

Is there grit that is hard to remove? No time to clean for that holiday event? No worries! Neat N Tidy has the knowledge of cleaning that can help you out. Our cleaning professionals will leave your kitchen looking magnificent and smelling fresh. Reserve your appointment today.

Floor Cleaning

Cleaning hard floor surfaces or carpets can be a challenge. No need to stress, when the cleaning professionals that can make you smile are only one call away. Neat N Tidy cleaning experts are trained to remove grit and dirt from your hardwood floors or carpets. Book your appointment today to receive a hassle-free clean.


Dusting is mostly related with cleaning dust particles that accumulates mostly on the furniture’s and other appliances used in the living area or bedrooms. Our cleaning experts are well skilled in brushing and wiping away the dirt and dust wherever they gets accumulate. Call us today to try our cleaning service

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