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Stage Your Home like a Pro: 10 Step Action Guide

Stage Your Home: The Why’s and How’s

When it comes to selling your home, you may be experiencing an array of different emotions. Nervousness, happiness and anxiety may be a few of the emotions you are feeling. When you are selling your home, you want your home to look absolutely amazing. In order to sell your home and provide that wow factor experience, it is important to stage your home. Home staging allows the interested buyer’s to imagine how it would feel to live in the home. Also, staging your home correctly will help you to sell your home quickly and for top dollar!

1. Clean Your Home

move out cleaningMoving out of your home can be a daunting task. Scheduling the movers, working and managing family obligations is overwhelming. The first step in order to prepare your home is to make sure the home is properly cleaned. Ideally, clean the home 48-72 hours in advance prior to selling. If your schedule is conflicting, consider hiring a move out cleaning service in your area to properly clean the home. Here is a list of cleaning details that should be included in the move out clean:


  1. Baseboards

      2. Window sills 

      3. Ceiling fans

      4. Door trims

      5. Door handles

      6. Light fixtures

      7. Bathrooms

      8. Cabinets (inside/out)

      9. Dusting

     10. Floor cleaning

     11. Wiping down of all surfaces

     12. Behind the refrigerator

      13. Windows 


2. Focus Attention on Important Staging Areas

stage kitchenWhen it comes to staging your home, you only need to focus on important areas that sellers feel are important and will influence the buying decision. Areas of less importance just need to look presentable. According to the NAR report, the living room, kitchen and master bedroom will greatly influence the buyer’s decision. 


3. Great Vibes and Energy Matter

If you are wanting to successfully sell your home, then you will have to depersonalize your home. Depersonalizing your home allows for the buyer to imagine themselves in the home. Personal photos, clothes or anything that may represent your personal religious or political beliefs needs to be put away. You want your home to have charm and a warm energy without making the buyer feel that the home still belongs to you.  

4. Declutter your Home

Potential buyer’s love an open space. To provide them with the feeling of an open space you need to declutter your home. This should be a part of the packing process, if you have not started yet. Pack away what you will be moving to the next home. If there are items which you need to give away consider a garage sale or donating.


5. Repairs and Patchwork

home repairsIf there is discoloration on the walls, this is a perfect time to paint. If there are dirt scuffs on the wall, it is the perfect opportunity to remove the scuff with a magic eraser. The loose door knob, time to tighten it. Prior to starting on the repairs, make a detailed list of what repairs are absolutely needed in the house. Price the estimated cost, then purchase items and repair as much as possible by yourself. Potential buyer’s will often ask about maintenance of the home, so it is important to show that you have maintained the home on a regular basis. 

6. Go Neutral

Overly bright colors are a turn-off for potential buyers. If there is a room with very bright colors such as hot pink, then consider painting over the color with a neutral color. If you are not sure which colors are considered neutral, you can ask your real estate agent for advice on this matter.


7. Have a Green Thumb

flowersPotential buyer’s love a fresh look and smell to the home they are considering purchasing. If you do not have a few plants around the important areas in the home, this is a perfect time to add a few plants in the kitchen, living room and master bedroom areas. 

In addition consider adding a vase full of bright-colored flowers. Tulips, sunflowers or roses would be the perfect addition. Flowers express different meanings and will help the potential buyer to feel welcomed and relaxed. In addition, you may consider essential oils if you are seeking a fresh and relaxing smell to stage your home.

If all of these methods are too time consuming, then consider fake plants or silk flowers. Normally you can find both fake plants or silk flowers for a very affordable price at a craft store or retail store near you. You will achieve the same result, with less work. 

8. Eliminate Odor

Odor lingers and will immediately turn your potential buyer away. If you have carpet, you will need to be aware of potential odors in your home. If you have animals such as a cat or dog, then you may consider getting the carpet in your home cleaned by a professional.  Getting the carpet clean eliminates spots in the home, and helps to help the home look and smell fresh. 

9. Yard Clean Up

yard cleanupIf you have not tended to the yard in a while, then this is the perfect time to straighten up a bit. If there are items you no longer need, then get rid of them. If you have a porch, consider adding a few decorations or flowers by the doorway. Remember, the yard is the first area which your potential buyer will notice so take time so that it looks presentable. 

10. Brightness Counts

Prepare your home for staging by making sure the home is bright. Turn on the lights, open the blinds. Potential buyers love an open and bright space so that they can see and feel the energy of the home. This is also all the more reason to make sure you have taken the time to properly clean the home. In a bright environment the potential buyer will be able to see all the small details.

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